Ummo Guru is the musical moniker of the artist, writer, and filmmaker Aditya Mandayam. Ummo Guru combines modular synthesizers like “Arp, Buchla, Serge, Ciat-Lonbarde, and countless nameless inventions that used bananas” with Carnatic and Sufi vocals. Mandayam calls his music Modular Folk.

As a composer and music theorist Mandayam has focused on reviving classical Greek and Vedic Indian xenharmonic scales, having worked with the luthier Giuseppe Severini on creating an Enneatonic (9-tone) macrotonal Aeolian harp and a Sexagesimal (60-tone) microtonal Hurdy-Gurdy called the Polifonia.

As artistic director of the experimental festival Juju and music label Muto Mandayam has pioneered the 3D Cassette. Using 4-track tape machines and close readings of early surround sound innovators such as Michael Gerzon, Juju and Muto have released Quadraphonic and Ambisonic cassettes, reels, and tape loops with a number of artists, including Peter Blasser, Richard Brewster, Gerriet Sharma, Humildad Sound Sistema, and Andrzej Szpindler. Mandayam has also led the development of Brud's new sound format, SZKA 4.4, with four speakers and four subwoofers.

A former resident of the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, Mandayam has performed at museums, galleries, festivals, and underground venues worldwide, including CAC, Vilnius, MHKA, Antwerp, kim?, Riga, Art in General, New York, Schloss Solitude, National Museum of Bolivia, National Gallery, Zimbabwe, Baltic Triennial, Kunstverein Munich, FUTURA, Prague, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, and Empty Brain Resort, amongst others.

In recent years Mandayam’s practice has taken a turn towards the esoteric Hindu traditions of Tantra. The High Priest of the Temple of the White Cube, Ummo Guru's performances are Yantras to divine Space-Time Mantra.

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